Gluten Free Granola Receipe #1

As someone who has dealt with Celiac Disease over over 30 years I’ve seen a lot and I mean of lot of improvement not only in being able to eat gluten free outside of the home, but in the recipes available to make your own gluten free food at home.

One of my favorite things to eat is granola, either as a snack with yogurt or just sitting in a bowl at work to snack form whole I work.

I’ve been lucky to meet some pretty awesome home based cooks, and one of my favorites (and a fellow Spinning Instructor) is Kim form Kim’s Apron. I helped set up her website and rather than take money from a friend I was more than happy to take some of here amazing granola.

It works as a dry snack and even as a cereal in milk and holds it crunch. A nice tweak to this recipe is to add raisins or cranberries.