I am a driver, cyclist & pedestrian

A friend of mine wrote this a year ago and reposted on Facebook today in light of another cycling death here in Ottawa, the third cycling incident in as many days, and I feel it sums up my feelings.

I am a driver.
I am a cyclist.
I am a pedestrian.

I always wear my seatbelt.
I always wear a helmet.
I always walk facing traffic when necessary.

I am saddened by the most recent death of another cyclist in Ottawa
I am discouraged by the way we are using our sidewalks, our roads, our highways.
There are rules of the road. There are laws.
Beyond the laws that supposedly govern us, there is the law of logic.
Mistakes happen when we are not paying attention.
Consequences are the result of mistakes.
When a life is lost it doesn’t matter who was at fault.
There is no going back.

I don’t believe that we need a change in infrastructure.
I believe we need a change in attitude.
We need a commitment to awareness, to mindfulness.
We need to be present in every single moment.

If I am ever killed or injured in a traffic occurrence I pray that it is your fault not mine.
I do not want it to be because I did something stupid.
You will have to live with the memory of killing me regardless.
You may as well live with it being your fault. Truly your fault.

I will continue to use our roads.
I will continue to be safe.
I will do my part.
From this day forward – I beg that you do yours.