Protected intersections the missing link

In light of the usual stories of cyclists being hit by vehicles and dying in cities around the world, the usual answer and solution is to separate cyclists from vehicular traffic.

Everything from a simple painted line to more advanced protected bike lanes where a physical barrier offer varying degrees of protection.

However these solutions forget (ignore?) that at intersections that’s where the whole process falls apart if there is no way to ensure drivers, pedestrians and cyclist are all equally protected.

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

The solution may seem a bit radical, especially for anyone in North America, where the thought of anything that may cause reduction in lanes is seen as an attack on the rights of those who drive a motor vehicle.

But in the end don’t we all want our loved ones to be safe when interacting with cars, trucks, cyclist and pedestrians? And wouldn’t you like to feel safe knowing that the chance of being involved in an accident or being responsible for one is reduced?