Gluten Free Larabar Bites

Having been dealing with Celiac Disease for over 30 years now the pickings for decent and good tasting pre-made food and snacks was to say very limited.

I discovered Larabar a few years back and used to be able to get a box of 12 bars from Costco at a decent price to serve as a healthy snack gluten free and on my long training rides I packed 2-3 of them in my jersey pocket as well as keeping several stashed in my desk at work.

However a few months back the product disappeared from the shelves and despite my queries was told the item wasn’t being carried and no idea if/when it would return. This led to me trying to find something that I liked as much and dealing with some later afternoon munchie cravings at work that had to go unfulfilled when I forgot to pack some extra food that day.

So this week on the weekly trip out to Costco it came with a nice surprise as I wandered down the aisle filled with the wide array of bars, I came across something new.

Chocolate Macaroon Larabar Bites!

Not only are they the usual Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and diary free, but just as tasty and for those times when you don’t want to eat a whole bar that runs around 200 calories, theses only run 4 bites for 130 calories (32.5cal per bite!) for those times when you just want a little something to tide you over, and something that isn’t overly sweet or too chocolatey (despite the name of this flavor)


Made with the usual all natural ingredients which anyone can recognize, the Chocolate Macaroon Bites  have only five ingredients;

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (Unsweetened Chocolate Sugar, Coca Butter, Vanilla Extract)
Dried Coconut
Coconut Flour

There are three additional flavors (Cherry Chocolate Chip,  Double Chocolate Brownie, Mint Chocolate Truffle) of which the latter is the only one I would not go out of my way to buy. Call me weird but mint and chocolate to me just don’t work.

Would I use these in place of an actual full sized Larabar product for my long bike rides, probably not as the bars come wrapped so it makes them easier and more logical to carry when cycling, and despite the simplicity of the product, which I’m sure a decent cook could duplicate, I have to admit that there are times when I’d rather simply be able to grab something  off of the shelf to keep in my desk drawer at work.

Which is exactly where this bag is going!