No lights equals no brains

An interesting article in the Globe & Mail about the dangers of cycling without lights, reflective gear and be seen clothing, had me thinking that actually it should have also been addressed to anyone who cycles, runs or walks either early in the mornings before the sun rise or in after the sunsets.

As someone who has commuted to work at 5:30am by bike and running, I’ve lost count of the number of people, (regardless of the mode of travel but runners and dog walkers are high on my list) who are out dressed as Ninjas, and those dogs walkers who themselves are not only hard to see but also their pet who is often on a leash strung across the pathway.

But my also on my naughty list are those cyclists who have lights whose batteries are weak they make them useless or even better riding with a red rear light as a front light or sadly no lights.

Do they think they are invincible?

Do they think their safety is societies responsibility ?

Do they not think that they are endangering, not only themselves, but those around them as well?

I’ve often wondered do these people think of the consequences of their actions?

Do they even think about what their loved ones will be put through from getting ‘that call’ from the police or EMT about them being taken off to a hospital or even worse?

If you won’t think of your safety think of your loved ones peace of mind, think of my loved ones peace of mind.

My safety gear:

Front, Fly12 and head lamp
Rear Fly 6 and Cateye TL LD130
Reflective ankle straps
Reflective shoe covers
Gore High Vis reflective jacket and gloves