Epic Ride Weather App for iOS and Android

There’s nothing like making plans for a ride on the weekend, and watching the weather to see if that 40-60% chance of rain or high winds are going to throw a stick in your spokes.

Despite the best laid plans using online weather site it can still be a hit and miss endeavor, but now there may be an app that can help nail down just what the weather will be like for a ride you have planned.

Epic Ride Weather is a free* app for both iOS and Android devices that works with Strava and Runkeeper or by adding .gpx files to show you the expected chance of precipitation, temperature swings, wind and wind direction so you can make an informed decision as to when, if, what direction to ride or maybe to change your planned route or choose day.

The initial free version allows for 100 forecast, and after than you can pay $5.49CAD to purchase an additional 10,000 forecast.

Now a forecast is defined in the apps help section as a forecast for each 10 minutes of ride time.

So according to the apps help section a 100km ride at 29km/h would take 207 minutes which at 10 minutes per forecast will use up 20 forecasts.

The good

The app easily connected to my Strava account, and I was able to select several rides to the Favorites section,. It not only allows you to select the route you are planning to ride, but set the date and time you are planning to head out to see temperature, chance of precipitation, amount of precipitation as well as wind strength and the direction it will be coming at along your choose route.

The apps Help section is highly informative in how to use the app and its various features with well written sections and graphics.

The bad

Well there’s not anything I can really think of,

What I’d like to see

That this concept be picked up by Strava and added to their functionality.

This app is worthy of five stars and must have for anyone who rides and wants to make sure they are prepared and dressed for the weather out there.