Moving for cyclist is a must

If you are like me and work inside a cubicle for most of the day, getting out on the bike for a ride is like breaking out of a cage and running away.

Of course the other thing you most likely will find yourself dealing with are some tight muscles from all of that sitting while working before getting on your trusty steed.

This can be rectified by getting a proper ergonomic assessment thru work if you are luck enough to have an employer who will do this thru your HR or thru a medical note, and push for an adjustable desk  that allows you to work from a standing position for short periods of time.

If you can’t get this, then at the very least getting up an moving for several minutes every few hours can go a long way.


Simple things like getting up and waking over to talk to someone instead of sending them an email, or using a printer that is located the other side of the office/building can make this easier to accomplish.

Come lunchtime rather than trying to push through the day and eat at your desk, give yourself permission to take 15 minutes and walk outside before getting back to the desk if you really must. Better yet while the weather is good take a full advantage of your full  lunchtime and walk to a local park, eat, relax and then walk back.

Or if the weather isn’t cooperating even doing a few laps around your floor, or walking to a stairwell and going up a floor, crossing that floor and walking back down the stairs can go a long way to helping your body.

The more you do to help your muscles the more they can do for you when you head out for a ride and maximize your enjoyment as keeping your chances of any muscle related injuries to a minimum.

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  1. A Smartwatch comes in handy here too. My vivovctive vibrates every hour and I go for a walk of five minutes then. Good Article 😉


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