Indoor Cycling Strength Workout #2

Following up on an earlier post with my first Indoor Cycling Strength Workout, a good instructor knows they can take one ride and turn into 2, 3 or even 4 variations by making tweaks here and there.

If your are an instructor or a rider you tend to see the same faces in your class because that day and time fits your busy daily schedule. A lot of those in class are there not just for a workout but often working on their off season training and while repetition is good for training it’s always good to mix things up even just a little bit.

The first version focused on using surges of speed up that hill to get your legs used to working at a higher cadence than you think is your normal one for climbing.

This secondĀ  version focuses on challenging you with a mix of runs and jumps in place of the surges to pump the hear rate up and see just how hard you can push yourself as you climb.

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Strength V2

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