Thank your local bike shop

Another week closer to the holidays, and maybe if you are like me cycling season has come to an end with the arrival of temps now below 0C and the snow is starting to accumulate and the bikes that used to fill the local bike shop storefront have now been replaced by skis.

So at this time of giving, when have you thanked your local bike shop for all they do for you and your bike?


In this day and age of online shopping many are struggling and unable to compete with the deep discount prices on component upgrades and are instead focusing on repairs and maintenance to stay open.

If you are lucky enough to have one close by, mine is actually on the same corner as where I live (I’ve gone in so often when walking the dogs they now automatically head for the shop door as we pass by) you’ve developed¬† a good customer/client relationship, and when you’ve had an issue or a minor bike fix they’ve gone and fixed it when you bring it in or say give us an hour or two and come back.

So if you are this luck how about giving a little something back at this time of year to say thanks to your local bike shop with a simple gift.

A six pack of locally crated beer

A $25-$50 gift card to a local coffee shop for java and maybe something to eat

Maybe even some holiday baked goods

It doesn’t have to be much, but it will show that you value your local bike shop and appreciate them being their for you.