Cyclist Time To Hit The Gym

Well it’s winter time and the snow is piling up and the temperatures are cold enough to make a penguin happy, but for this cyclist winter time is my least favorite time when you add in the short days that are anything but bright.

But it is the perfect time of year to start training for the upcoming cycling season, and I’m not talking about getting the bike up on a trainer or signing up for indoor cycling classes.

It’s time to incorporate some strength, core and a touch of cardio.

To avoid the hassle of dealing with driving to the gym and trying to mark out you territory to do your routine, or waiting for someone to finish using the weights and equipment you want, all you need is a bit of space at home, a mat and using your body weight to get a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout done that take up a minimal amount of time.

A good HIIT workout should take around less than 30 minutes, including a minute to warmup and cool down with a minute of rest between each set.

There are lots of online sources for these, but I personally am hooked (and enjoying) this workout from the folks over at GCN that consists of 6 exercises x 3 sets.