Indoor Cycling Interval/Speed Workout #1

The new year always is the start of getting back on the bike, so to speak, for me.

Time to say goodbye to the indulgence of the Christmas treats of the past year, hello to a few extra pounds carried over into the new year, and now to get back on track and ready for the upcoming cycling season.

I know a lot of folks set up their bikes on their indoor trainers, and the arrival of Zwift has upped that came. Sadly living in a small condo my wife is not into the though of me setting up my bike in front of the TV in our living area and sweating away, so I’m fortunate enough that my workplace has a decent gym and five Spinning bikes, as well I also ride at the Indoor Cycling Studio I used to teach at.

But it’s my workplace gym where I do most of building my cardio back up, simply because the old instructor in me allows me to do exactly what I need to do.

Interval Speed Work.jpg

This past week I focused on doing Interval/Speed work.

5 min
Warm up light resistance HR 65% of max,
Cadence check looking for a count of 20-25 revolutions over 15 sec

5 min
Flat road to shallow climb, adding a drop of resistance 5 times every 60 sec HR 65%->75/80%
Allow cadence to drop and be no higher than 20 revolutions over 15 sec

2 min
Shallow climb hold HR and cadence and settle in

Speed Work
10 sec on x 6 / 10 sec off (6 pushes)
Lift cadence by 2-4 revolutions / return to initial cadence
HR no higher than 85%

Recovery 2 min
Recovery back to shallow climb allow HR to come down to where it was before speed work

Repeat speed work above but adjusting as follows:

15 sec on x 6 / 10 sec off then recover for 2 min
20 sec on x 6 / 10 sec off then recover for 2 min
25 sec on x 6 / 10 sec off then recover for 2 min
30 sec on x 6 / 10 sec off then recover for 2 min

5 min
Cool Down light resistance, slow cadence drop HR down to 65% before getting off the bike and stretching

Finish with one final effort doing working your way from 10 on all the way to 30 on with 10 sec off

Optional work it harder #1
Drop the recoveries and just focus on the speed work, but reduce the surges from 6 to 4, and take longer to cool down.

Optional work it harder #2
Add a drop of resistance at the end of each 2 min recovery section before starting next speed work session.
Your resistance should not end up so heavy that you cannot maintain a smooth circular pedal stroke or feel the need to come out of the saddle