Indoor Cycling Crazy 88’s Interval Workout #2

I love Quentin Tarantino, his style of directing and story telling, and if you’ve never seen any of his films then be aware that he is well know for his gratuitous use of blood.

The first time I did this ride I had my iPhone set to shuffle my music and several tracks from Kill Bill Vol 1 wound up getting played, including a few tracks by the band 5,6,7,8  as well as the fact that each working section was 8 minutes long a kinda of homage to the Crazy 88’s from the same film.

Hence the name of this Interval ride (plus my HR profile looked like there were shark fins swimming in the sea of sweat this workout)


5 min
Warm up light resistance HR 65% of max,
Cadence check looking for a count of 24-27 revolutions over 15 sec

3 min
Start to add resistance every 30 sec to:

  • put yourself on a False Flat or;
  • put yourself on a Seated Climb

Either way you want to see your cadence drop so that when you pick up your pace you can do so safely and without bouncing in the saddle (an indication that your cadence is too high and/or your resistance is too low)

  • If you are going with the False Flat, cadence should drop to 20-24
  • If you are going with a Seated Climb, cadence should drop to 15-18

Bring you HR up to 75% but no higher than 80%

Crazy 88 time
8 min
Increase cadence for set amount of time before bringing it back to where you began

If you are going with the False Flat max cadence is 27 revolutions in 15 sec
If you are going with the Seated Climb max cadence is 20 revolution in 15 sec,  and choose to whether to do the speed work in the saddle or take it out to a Standing Climb

Steady Work/Speed Work
50 sec / 10 sec Speed Work (HR 80-90%)
45 sec / 15 sec
40 sec / 20 sec
35 sec / 25 sec
30 sec / 30 sec
25 sec / 35 sec
20 sec / 40 sec
15 sec / 45 sec

Recover 2-3 minutes
Back resistance off and bring HR back down to 65-70%
After 2min start loading the resistance back on to bring you back to the same level as where you start the first Crazy 88 section.

Repeat x 3

5 min:
Cool Down light resistance, slow cadence drop HR down to 65% before getting off the bike and stretching

Option 1: if you are pushed for time then you can reduce the working section to 5min doing 10-30sec speed work to shorten the workout (or drop one of the intervals to keep the same length of working time) or if you want to do more than 4 intervals.

Option 2: if you want more of a challenge then before you start the next Crazy 88 working section set your resistance a bit higher than the last time when you began.

Option 3: put 1 and 2 together with more shorter intervals with more resistance each time you start back to work.

Option 4: switch this to a Strength Workout by working out of the saddle for the speed work, and ditch the recovery sections and making them Seated Climb sections with a HR around 80%.

*Remember it’s “all gain and no pain but a lot of sweat” so bring a towel and two fully filled water bottles.