Indoor Cycling Quad Busters Strength Workout #3

Spring is slowly making itself know up here in the Great White North, our first major temperature bump not only above 0C ,but up into the double digits, and my bike has had it’s annual visit to my Local Bike Shop for a major tune up.

From my view from my condo I’m longingly looking at the Gatineau Hills, still covered in snow, and thinking how much my quads are going to be singing to me as I take them back there in hopefully 6-8 weeks.

So in preparation I have this Quad Buster Strength Workout  in my Indoor Cycling training rotation  to give my quads a fighting chance once we start doing some real outdoor climbing


5 min
Warm up light resistance HR 65% of max,
Cadence check looking for a count of 24-27 revolutions over 15 sec

Add enough resistance to come to a (SC) seated climb (cadence count 15-20 in 15sec), then reduce resistance slightly.

Work the HR at 80%
60sec SC / 30sec x 8 SC

On the last reduction of resistance stay ar this resistance level for an additional 90 sec.


A repetition of the above with a twist.
When you add the resistance back on, after the slight reduction, it will be more than the first 60 sec working section.

Remember this will be like adding resistance 8 times over 12 min. So add resistance. wisely so that for the last minute you are are the maximum level of resistance you can handle seated.

I like to refer to this level of resistance for a SC as the point where it’s too much to stay seated (cadence count 15 in 15sec) and right to maybe go to a (STC) Standing Climb. Pedal stroke should still be a nice circle.

On the last reduction of resistance stay art this resistance level for an additional 90 sec.

Work the HR at 80-85%
60sec SC / 30sec x 8


A repetition of the above section, but this time we start using STC. Start by bringing your level of resistance for 60 sec at least to where you ended in the last section.
Reduce so that you can go back to a SC, before adding the resistance back on to transition to a STC

60 sec STC / 30 sec SC
Work the HR at 85%

5 min
Cool Down light resistance, slow cadence drop HR down to 65% before getting off the bike and stretching

Option: you can turn this into an Interval Workout by turning the 90 sec of additional time in a SC at the end of each 12min working section into a Recovery section. COme back to a flat road and recover HR to 65%.